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This photo is a landing page about A Little Taste of Texas that I built on my own from scratch. This was a project given to me from my Web Development class and was my first time actually building a website from the ground up. Though I only had 3 and a half days to complete the project, I learned quite a bit from it. From setting up the style for the text on my own instead of being guided, to exactly what text is going to be on the page of my own design, I had to do everything all on my own. I also had to overcome any obstacle during the coding process, a big one being what should be done about the specific parts of the image, like ensuring the space the image fills up is equal to the size of the window, or making sure the image doesn’t repeat itself.

This image is a screenshot of my portfolio website project that I had to make for my Web Development class. The website I made here is concentrated mostly on programming, unlike the more general website I’ve made here. The most troublesome part of this particular website, besides my lack of graphic design skills, was the section for showing what coding languages I have learned. Trying to get them all lined up into two rows and three columns was tedious, but I did figure it out after spending half of my total time working on the website for that specific section.

This screenshot is of my ACT test score in March 2021. A composite score of 28 makes me among the top 88th percentile of the total of 2 million students that have taken the ACT test. This is the result of the years of practice I had up until then. Staying focused for those 3 long hours was difficult, but I was able to do it. There were many things I did for such a score. One of them being listening in class, which is apparently rarer then it should be. I also used an array of different tactics to help memorize what I needed for a better score. I also tried my best on the practice test provided by the school so I could better prepare for the actual exam. Considering the overall score of 28, I would say this is an academic achievement. 

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